Why Scotland?
Scottish Inventions:

Many inventions have come from Scotland and have impacted the world in a great way. With the technology of Dianetics and Scientology in full use, emanating from an Ideal Org in Scotland, we will rehabilitate and increase Scotland's contributions to the world.

Some examples of Scottish Inventions are:
Hubbard Foundation Scotland Tartan:

Scotland is home of the Tartan.  There are hundreds of tartans, each of which are a statement about the family, or group they represent.

In HAPI Org, we have a special tartan called the Hubbard Foundation of Scotland tartan which was created to honour the
humanitarian works of Mr. L. Ron. Hubbard, and also to acknowledge his love for Scotland and his wish that the people in this country
go free.

Items made from this tartan are awarded for financial investments in our Ideal Org project, and occasionally for other contributions to HAPI Organisation.

LRH Advices for Scotland:

Ron wrote special Advices for HAPI in 1968, when the org first opened.  He had obviously done some research on the Scots.
Here is a line from them:

"If you name anything, name it after a Scottish rebel." - LRH

In the advices, he gave instructions about HAPI's emblem too:

"Its emblem is an owl with a double triangle and S on its chest." - LRH

To top it off, he gave us a challenge regarding HAPI:

"Its purpose: Increasing the individual and community and
national statistics of Scotland."
Battlefield Earth:

If you read LRH's book Battlefield Earth, you will see that he gave the Scots a huge part to play in the saving of the planet from all the suppression it was under.
Fact or fiction ?
The adhesive postage stamp and the postmark. Used by many over the world.
Invented by James Chalmers.
The bicycle. An international mode of transport and leisure. The first ever bicycle with foot pedals was invented by Kirkpatrick MacMillan.
The television. It needs no introduction and was invented by Mr. John Logie Baird.
The telephone. Can you imagine life without it?
It was invented by a Scot named Alexander Graham Bell.
The Mackintosh raincoat. Helps to keep you dry. Invented by Charles Macintosh.